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Support my art with a contribution of a coffee or roll of film!

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We will have a blast together! It's hard not to feel excited about photography when you are around me.


My energy for creating, makes people feel inspired to explore developing their own creative passions. 

I love adventuring to places I have never been before and finding new photo opportunities to capture.


Natural landscapes have always been the most fulfilling subject for me to work with and I will always strive to strengthen my relationship with nature and photography.

The gear used to capture my art has varied over the years. Though I recently acquired a post-war Zeiss rangefinder folder camera and have been enjoying the experience of shooting with it quite a bit.

My focus in film photography is creative exploration. I love to use vintage cameras and experiment with new techniques. That may be how I fell into creating trichromes. I love that it requires creativity, technical skills, and problem-solving.


Thanks for dropping in. Don't hesitate to ask me any questions about print sizes or pricing (:  

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